Coliving/Coworking for remote teams

The summer is short

Free cancellation 30 days before stay

All Included

  • Spacious coworking spaces
  • Accommodation in beautiful tiny houses
  • In the nature in the big city
  • Fast & reliable internet


June - August

In 2023

Galaktika is being constructed at this very moment from the ground up. We are building a brand new place with all the amenities needed by the modern digital professionals. On a plot of 10,000 sq/m we are constructing a whole new experience for teams and individuals to enjoy life in an private, secure and modern space combined with flexible workspaces for focused and professional work.

Each month we are having updates on the progress of the space.

Join us for a live session by joining our events calendar on Google.

All included

Team Galaktika

  • Pauline Roussel looking serious wearing a black t-shirt with city names on it.
    Pauline Roussel
  • Dimitar Inchev looking surprised wearing a black winter hat and headphones.
    Dimitar Inchev
  • Presiyan Teodisiev sitting in front of a cup of coffee with his arms crossed.
    Presiyan Teodisiev

We are building the most beautiful location for remote teams on the northern shores of the Black Sea. Galaktika is a coliving/coworking space set on a 10000 square meters field, combining nature, stunning sea-view and all the amenities of the big city. Our tiny houses are suitable for teams and families, including everything needed for a comfortable and relaxed living. For productive work we have 2 amazing coworking spaces on promise that are fully equipped for work, meetings, remote calls and team sessions.

  • Coliving

    44 Tiny houses with own kitchen, bathroom and living spaces

  • Coworking

    2 Coworking spaces suitable for individuals and teams

  • Events

    1 Fully equipped space for 50 seating or 200+ standing participants

Front view of one of the coworking spaces.
Front view of one of the small houses.
A panoramic shot of one of houses' living rooms.